not all moths


National Moth Week co-founder Dave Moskowitz shared these beautiful photos with us. Tune in on Friday to hear Rutgers University moth expert Elena Tartaglia talk more about these fascinating creatures.


A harp seal pup seeks shelter from a tall piece of ice as a break from the never ending wind that crosses the sea ice by Jennifer Hayes


Found this little moth in my car, so I set it free!



What are you even doing?

What the actual fuck.



What are you even doing?

What the actual fuck.




E N T E R  T H E  A S S





Guys, guys, guys!!! 

Remember those fat fucks that unexpectedly holed themselves up in one of my vacant mantis terrariums over night??

Well here’s what one of them looks like, now!! Hot damn, son. Puberty treated you well! 

(Sphingidae Daphnis nerii)

Oh my goodness, they’re beautiful!!

i realized that when i design characters i go for capabilities and function first, like what do they do and how they do it, then design and personality later

"this is a superhero, he can teleport and depending on distance he travels, shit explodes at the destination, potentially destroying himself if he teleports too far, no, i don’t know how that affects his day-to-day and what his name is at all, i just think his ability is wicked as fuck"

Do you have a big butt?

1. i probably should accept asks like this on the other blog

2. yeah it’s pretty big

tmi tues

i don’t know a lot of the people that follow me

ask me things while i pray my laptop doesn’t shit itself again

OH MAN i forgot i used to be in the mega man bob and george community and i had a bass edit as an avatar character except i made his buster into some sort of proto-shotgun that could blast mettools at close range

good times

ragyoapologist replied to your post: stuff just reminded me i had this char…

make more characters

i loved making superhero-type powers

let’s see who i got

weaver, a person who could literally take cloth and unravel it to threads that they then energize to create woven constructs and barriers, as well as traditional whip attacks and such. ends up using their power to eradicate a global parasite via massiver interconnected thread network at the cost of having to seal themselves away in the middle of the ocean as a living crystallized datacenter/repository of human knowledge against their will. becomes a mindless crystallized avatar of humanity when a belligerent government destroys their ever-expanding crystal hideaway

flashbang(temp), a teen, they can theoretically travel anywhere, but the further they travel/the more barriers they go through, the more energy they expend in a massive near-point-blank burst of pressure and heat. really nifty power to fight against monsters and deities but as long as it happens then he can literally disintegrate if used too much. just, like, phase out. entirely. fade away into dust.

and then there’s this story which involved the moon being hit by a meteor made of a strange substance that causes dreams to essentially manifest into a completely different plane of reality, and people who could manifest powerful avatars of themselves or as completely separate beings in that dream world, and people who wanted to merge the two

shit i gotta see if i can find the docs for that

stuff just reminded me

i had this character made when i was 8 or something

name was “star blade,” was supposedly a superhero who fought crime by night by surfing on a star-shaped hoverdisk

but his design was never pinned down, it was fluctuating between something like elec/star man from mega man or a sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band reject